With RestorFX, you will get results never seen before.

RestorFX is not a franchise. Our partners are given much discretion when it comes to how they want to run their business. And with reasonable licensing costs and no royalty fees, RestorFX presents an easily achievable business opportunity for those looking to add RestorFX to their toolkit.

Since RestorFX is applied using our exclusive application process, labor costs and overhead can be dramatically reduced leading to higher profit margins on paint refinishing services. RestorFX achieves results not possible with traditional detailing, increasing customer satisfaction and bottom lines.

Why become a RestorFX Licensee?

Unparalleled value: No other system restores the luster and shine of a vehicle’s paint finish like RestorFX. Customers will love you for it!

New revenue potential: Expand your services and your customer base by adding RestorFX.

Complementary to other services: RestorFX can be used along with other detailing services without replacing existing revenue streams.

Exclusivity: Not just anyone can use or sell RestorFX, licenses are provided based on highly-selective criteria.

Simple startup: Minimal startup costs and no royalty or franchise fees make it easy to get up and running fast.

Sustainable business model: Low costs plus high profit margins equal easy-to-attain revenue.

Higher margins: With low overhead and short turnaround times, RestorFX puts money back in your pocket and your customers’.

Reliability: RestorFX has your back with manufacturing guarantees and 24/7 support.

As a RestorFX Licensee, you get:

  • Access to training resources, sales and marketing tools, promotions and merchandising templates, and other assets to help you start and grow your RestorFX business.
  • Training for your team to become Certified RestorFX Technicians.
  • Low equipment, operation, and product costs.
  • 24 hour live technical support.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee to retail clients.

Become a RestorFX Certified Technician

During technician training you will learn how to prep and fully-process a vehicle in under 2.5 hours. You will learn troubleshooting techniques and how to tell the history of each vehicles’ paint. You will also learn sales techniques and receive critical sales and marketing tools to help you incorporate RestorFX into your business.

RestorFX also provides:

  • 3-5 full days of training provided onsite or at one of the RestorFX training facilities located worldwide.
  • A detailed training manual that includes photos and product information.
  • Technical help via phone, text, and email.
  • A RestorFX Certified Technician certificate for all who complete the training.

Certificate of Completion

The benefits offered by RestorFX are simple. First of all, I want to get more for the vehicle that I sell. When my customers see a vehicle without scratches or imperfections, it looks like a showroom vehicle. Having been in the automotive industry for eleven years, I can say that I have never seen another product like RestorFX. I highly, highly recommend RestorFX to everyone. – Gaspard Asparian, Sales Manager, Goldkey Pontiac